Friday, June 20, 2014

Range Time

I went to the range on Wednesday, like I said I would.

Not too bad.  Still fell into some old habits, but fell right back out.  Still had a good initial string.  I don't know why that is, why my first several shots are better than the next 20, but it heartens me.  If I ever need to use a pistol, maybe the first magazine will be accurate.

The upper left target is the first magazine.


One handed...  If you ever convinced me to switch from two handed shooting to one handed only, somehow...  I'd have to learn a whole new set of skills.  Getting the grip into 'the pocket'.  Gripping it hard enough.  And man my non dominant RIGHT hand was shaking a bit trying to grip it hard enough for a modicum of recoil control.  But look at what that magazine did.  Small shoot-n-see, left hand only bottom left, right hand only bottom right.

So, some of that, some attempts at a quick second shot follow up.  Just messing around, really.  Get that trigger squeeze back on track.

But shaking the cobwebs out of the first distal joint of m left index finger wasn't the primary purpose.

I had made some changes to the 1911, and when you change one little thing on a 1911...  Well you could impact EVERYTHING.  So a big part of this trip was a function test.

What's new?  Mainspring housing and ambi-safety are the big ones.  I already had a new slide release on the gun.  The big thing that had me worried was the thumb safety though.  You can often get away with it with new slide releases or grips or mainspring housings.  They are often drop in.  But I've been surprised on how many ostensibly drop-in parts, aren't, from gun to gun.

But everything shook out ok.  American Eagle 230gr FMJ, McCormick mags, loaded only to 7, 100+ rounds fired, 7 yards indoor HOT summer day, no failures.


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