Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spree Killers

A murder spree usually ends with a dead murderer.

How are the cases treated if something goes wrong with this narrative and the bastard is caught, alive?

Totally different.

I wouldn't count that Nissan terrorist at Ft. Hood.  He sorta had a double purpose.  But that crazed dude that shot Congresswoman Giffords and other, and that Colorado theater shooter, THEY got caught.  And they all seem kookoo bananas.  But WE, the public don't interact with them naturally.  We rely on reports filtered through the news.

The Sandy Hook situation, I think, would have been covered very very differently if someone had clopped Lanza on the head just before he offed himself.  Same with this recent California Douche.

In other news, Hinckley is out of Saint Elizabeth's. 

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