Thursday, June 26, 2014

So this dude I know...

He thinks he's a fascist, but he isn't.  Really.  He's not really motivated enough to be a fascist.  Every time I think I am too slothful slovenly unmotivated or lazy, I remember this guy.  A pet rabbit died and he could bother to do anything about it.  So he put it in his garage.  His housing development?  It has a dumpster!  Just put it in there!

Anyway, he reposted that gun-grabby Cracked article on FB.  I just shook my head reufully and ignored him.  I don't do guns on FaceyBookie.  I got a blog for that.  And convincing him he is stupid?  What's the point.

No matter, The Contrarian jumped right on that grenade and pointed out the strawmen and fabircations the arguments revolved around with a succinct quickness.  So proud.

Of course Contrarian came to me already gunnied up, having grown up in Minnesota and got his first deer with a .410 slug out of a pickup truck window long before I owned more than 2 guns, so....  I just encourage him more.  It's easy with him.  When I ran into him he had no guns down here, of his own.  I got him to remedy that.

The Cracked article isn't all bad.  They note that crime has plummeted since First Person Shooter video games were invented.  And it is true we do like to accessorize our boomsticks....

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Robert Fowler said...

Well, now that I wasted a bunch of time on the article and a bunch of the comments.

Time to get back to work.