Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've been in a rut of late.  And there is no excuse for it as my time is taken up by Archie 4 times a week like it used to last year.

I need to get to the range and shoot more regular.

Make it a habit.

Like it was a coupla years back.  Back then, it was Thursdays, but I think Wednesdays are better for me now.

I am so out of practice that even Tam noticed and said something at the NRA convention.

Plus there are more local firearm training opportunities I should look into apart from regular range practice.  In the past, training has been less available locally or classroom/range facilities were hours away.  Less of a problem now that more places are capitalizing on the demand.

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Old NFO said...

Do it... Range time is necessary to maintain the skill set!