Monday, June 30, 2014

Pre Load

Sometimes, I'll pre load magazines the night before and put them in the range bag before going shooting.  But not always.  Especially not when it is just me.

Range membership means I am not under any time pressure to get in and out.  They don't charge me by the half hour.  I can stand there til closing time reading a book if I want.  Shoot a mag, load two, shoot two, load one, shoot three, load four....  It breaks up the session, calms me down, gets me to think and take my time.

My goal is to get better, not get done and home.  Get better here so I can get better at a more challenging scenario or training area.


TheAxe said...

In MD, a loaded mag counts as a loaded gun in your car. I live like 3 blocks from my range and it's not a risk I'm willing to take.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah, I used to hear that too about Maryland, when I first started shooting. The laws don't seem to bear it out. Loaded mag has to be seperate. So, in a range bag with a gun locked in a gun rug.

But Maryland gun laws are a mess and hodgepodge and wholly unclear on many things. States, at this point, should get out of gun legislation. Just rely on the Feds under NICS and leave it like that. Like Vermont.

Robert Fowler said...

That's why I like the range I use. Being retired, I go on a weekday morning and I can train the way I want to. No range Nazi's to tell me I can't do something.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Same rules in Ohio for Vehicle Transport, unless one has their CHP. Then it's okay for ONE Pistol per CHP.

However, one can have an Unloaded Pistol, oh let's say a 1911 on one's belt, PROVIDED that the Ammo and Magazine are in a "Sealed Pocket" (which means a Button, Zipper, Velcro, etc). That's was written a couple of years ago to get rid of the "Loaded Magazine is a Gun" rule.

Which is VERY USEFUL to those Out-of-Staters who visit Buckeye Land and whose CHP doesn't have Reciprocity with Ohio. Hint Hint! Nudge Nudge! Wink Wink!

Or, like I'm telling everyone, get the ARIZONA CHP. It has Great Reciprocity, and under ARIZONA LAW, it MUST be issued to ANY Legal U.S. Citizen who can pass their Standards, NO MATTER WHERE ONE LIVES! Even in a VolksRepublik. Of course, it doesn't By-Pass the VolksRepublik's CHP Laws, but if one does any Traveling or lives near a Border of a Free State, then it kicks in, if the Free State has Reciprocity.

And their Standards are EASY! Got a Honorable Discharge on a DD-214? You passed the "Gun School" Standard. Civilian? Take a Hunter Safety Course, or NRA Basic Pistol course, or a dozen other ways to meet the Shooting Standard. Apply Online, get your Fingerprint Cards, have the local P.D. do it for you, fill out the Form, send in $60 Bucks, wait a couple of months, and Bob's Your Uncle.

Oh, and there's NO PHOTO needed, so you save money there. In Fact, the Law BANS a Photo on the I.D.

Trust me, I'm just waiting for the Postal Service to deliver mine. It's THAT GOOD.

Bubblehead Les. said...

UPDATE! Guess what just arrived in the Afternoon Mail?

"It's Here! It's Here! The New Phonebook is Here!"

AND I'm Legal in Delaware, too!