Saturday, June 7, 2014


ONE thing drilled into me in High School by ex-hippie teachers in History, 'Social Studies,' English, and Aviation Science (don't ask...) classes...  No American is above the law.  Not even the President.  Especially the President. 

Gah, they repeated that over and over.  And man they all hated Nixon.  He was 10 years in exhile in San Clemente and they still spat when they thought of him.

This was all fallout from Watergate naturally.

That was then.  This is after the W administration.  After 2008.  This is NOW.  And it's not just this 'issue of the day.'  We all in the gunnie community know that since Fast and Furious.  But even Leftists are starting to hem and haw about it and shuffle their feet, avert their gaze, change the subject. 

And GAWD those ex-hippie teachers were annoying.  Damn Red-Diaper Babies.  And it's not even because I was raised a rock ribbed Republican or Conservative.  My family didn't have National Review about anywhere.  Nor were any of them Birchers.  They kept their politics to themselves.  Religion, politics, salary, household financials... none of these were appropriate to bring up in any family discussion.  And for the most part, even today.  And from what I can tell now, Mom leans left, but isn't married to it, Dad is a bit apolitical and may be registered Independent.  My Grandfather was old school GOP, and that rubbed off on my Uncle.  But the most conservative rag in their house was Reader's Digest. 

No, I disliked hippies because they were dislikable and came around to my political position because of them and their unworkable nonsense. 


Old NFO said...

Yeah, they think they are ABOVE the law... sigh

NotClauswitz said...

I remember that! And now they just look down and scuff their Birkenstocks in the dirt. The hell with them.