Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey, it's Buy a Gun Day tomorrow!

And I might just do so.  Or at least explore the idea after work.  You see, I need a Caspian frame for a 1911. 

"But T-Bolt, I thought you weren't gonna play Maryland's reindeer games?"

True, but it turns out I don't need to take the state Handgun Handling Qualification and Safety Class mandated by Martin O'Malley.  Or it seems I may not have to.  I already have handguns known to the State of Maryland.  So I am grandfathered in.  I have to confirm, of course.  It may just be a matter of proffering up a serial number they already know about.

Plus a stripped frame is kinda confusing.  You can spin one of those around in public here and people don't think you have a gun.  Unless they are gunnies themselves and know it's no big deal.  An inert piece of metal.  Even an ATF dude might probably go 'meh' if he saw that.  But Maryland Democrats are kinda clueless.  What I am saying is that the folks that would get upset if they knew won't know a thing.  So, I play their games and play one back.

Anyway...  What should my serial number be?  T-BOLT-001?  I don't think I will be making more than 999 pistols, so, 001 should be ok.

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