Thursday, April 16, 2015

The kitchen table?

"T-Bolt, why do you do your gunsmithing sitting at the kitchen table?  You are just perpetuating a hateful stereotype among us amateur gun breakers.  I mean gun SMITHS."

Well, I'll tell you, loyal reader.  Most of the stuff I do at home doesn't require a vise.  If it did... well...  I'd have to do that in the shop.  A big plus the kitchen holds for me is the ugly yellow linoleum floor.  If I drop a part in the dark basement among the detritus and wood shaving there... It's gone.  I can SEE that little pin from the plunger tube on the kitchen floor, easy.

If I have to do dremel work, I do that on the porch if I can.  Natural light, and less dust inside the kitchen.  For instance you can sand a radius with the larger dremel sanding wheel into the top of the grip safety.  With this clearance you can take off the beavertail grip safety without removing the mainspring housing.  A big plus at times.

You can get grip safeties already modified, but doing it yourself isn't too hard.

Instead of this:


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