Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Odd things that can go wrong 4

With your 1911.

What happens:
The factory, or, more likely, a kitchen table gunsmith, decided the little ramp on your barrel wasn't right, so went at it with a dremel stone.  Let's say they did a really good job and it's not obvious when you look at it initially.  But the unsupported ramp angles deeper into the chamber

What this causes:
When you shoot a 1911, or any pistol, check the expelled cases after they've cooled.  Are they bulging near the base?  Not good.  Case failure while shooting is not fun.  And it tells you the barrel of the 1911 may have been monkeyed with.   Factory Glock Fohties are famous for this flaw a buncha years back, so check them twice.  Chances are, factory stuff is gonna be fine, but double check because you are prudent. 

Another check is the field strip your gun and hold just the barrel in your hand.  Insert a live round into the chamber.  It shouldn't disappear into the camber and less than a few millimeters of case should be seen.  Sure SOME case should be seen, but near the base the case is thicker.  Look on this cross section:

And look here.  Those are only unsupported in the thick section of the case.  Don't buy pistols with more case sides exposed than those if you can help it.

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