Thursday, April 23, 2015

Repeals in Maryland

You know how my great state, the great state of Maryland, piles on obstacle after obstacle, cost after cost, for folks that want to buy a pistol.  Makes it a bit more expensive each time, and adds a layer of hassle.  You need to be motivated, here, to leave a gunstore with a gun.  To join the gun culture.  (this may change if Mance v Holder eventually succeeds)

You have to have a certain kind of chamber lock, a set of fingerprints, testimony you aren't bonkers, a class certification, &c...

Anyway ONE of this things is, there has to be a fired case with the gun from the manufacturer that then gets sent on to the State Police to be retained for 'ballistic fingerprinting'.  Then they can match cartridge cases with murder cases!  Solve crime!  Thing is these cases have never been used for such except for a coupla times when the crime was solved and they wanted proof of concept so they dug up the brass they knew they'd find.  All this takes up stape in beyootiful downtown Jessup and the cost to the gun buy goes up $15 to $20 extra. 

(And nevermind that TBolt probably swapped out his extractor and firing pin in gunsmith class and whatnot.)

This legislative session that nonsense has been repealed. (SB736)  Our governor will probably sign this bill.  And the State Po-po can recycle all that brass.

Not a HUGE pro-gun legislative win, but better than going the other way.

Also, a thing on baiting waterfowl for hunting, and how a short barrel shotgun is not a pistol. (HB614)

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