Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Riot Goin On

So, I am writing this last night, listening to fooferol on the Philco ahappening in Baltimore and I am prepared to answer your questions.

Are you worried T-Bolt?


But Saysuncle told you to top off your magazines.

Naw, that revolver is fine.

You really aren't concerned.  Is that a boilermaker you are drinking? 

Why yes, it is.  It's delicious. 

Ahhhhh, I see.

Look, this is way up in Baltimore.  I am closer to DC and still 6 miles from that line.   My work is toward Baltimore.  Still much farther from the city line.   No conceivable need or requirement for me to go any near to riot zones or potential riot zones by closer than 10 miles.  If the riots were the Hiroshima bomb I wouldn't even be inconvenienced.  I don't shop at malls, generally, but even if I did, except for one, there is no trouble.  Rarely I'll hit something touristy.  Inner Harbor touristy.  On the edge of the unpleasantness.  But not this week.

Plus it's just one boilermaker.  Green Flash Black Ale goes well with bourbon.

But this could SPREAD to DC!

Yeah, and it might.  Then it would have to get worse than 1968.  1968 riots didn't come out to this inner suburb when my parents lived in a house a quarter mile from here.  Remember what 68 was like down here?  Columns of smoke coming up from the city.   Well, more columns.  Many more.  Could it get that bad?  Maybe.  We'll see.  I kinda doubt it will.

But it's not the same neighbor now to what was there 45 years ago.

Correct!  It was sort of a Jewish neighborhood in the 1950s, then my neighborhood was built and WWII veterans moved in.  Standard white people Leave it to Beaver suburbia.  That generation moved to retirement homes in Florida or bigger houses in the outer burbs.  It was briefly a Koren immigrant area, and Goth youths.  Now it's Central American immigrant families.  Plus me.  If anything, this is the quietest and calmest the neighborhood has ever been.  Or the same.  Just regular families that raise their kids well.  Few malcontent teenagers around. 

Now, the important question...  Are you going to maybe happen to have a firearm near to hand when away from home?

Ahhhh, the important question.  I see.  Maybe have a range trip, huh?  Or a few range trips? So my car will have a range bag in it, maybe?  Naw.  That's a big legal risk, considering.  Now maybe if the violence got more widespread and much much worse?  Heck, some sort of hazardous condition can exist where I open carry a rifle in and out of office building where firearms are not allowed.  Zombie apocalypse, that sort of thing. 

Annnnnnd they are closing Bawlmer schools today, now.  Governor declared a state of emergency 30 seconds after the Mayor asked him to.

Talk to you later folks.

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Ian Argent said...

Declaration of a State of Emergency is a lot less exciting than you'd think. It's a necessary precondition to receiving federal assistance.