Thursday, April 2, 2015

I like this list

Who, running for President, owns a gun.  And how many.

Finally, asking the important questions.

  • Graham 12
  • Christie 0
  • Bush 0
  • Paul 'yes'
  • Perry 'yes' Hell, he owns a jogging gun.  You know that means he has a BBQ gun, too.
  • Rubio 1, since running for Senate
  • Cruz 2
  • Jindal 1, since Katrina
  • Trump 2
  • Walker 2
  • Fiorina 5
  • Palin probably some, has certainly used them.  they didn't ask
  • Gabby Giffords between her and her husband... she is higher than the GOP average.  they didn't ask tho.
  • Clinton 'no answer'
  • O'Malley they didn't ask, but please...  they didn't ask
  • Fauxcohantas ditto.  but they didn't ask

Notice a lot of them have a revolver.  If they have 1, it's likely to be a revolver.  I was that way, myself.

Who has USED a gun on this list, though?  And who CCW's with their gun, even if they have a security team. 

Well, Trump is widely 'known' to be in that elite group of rich famous New Yorkers with a Manhattan toter's permit, like Hannity and DeNiro.  And Perry is reported to have potted a coyote with a .380.  I bet with 12, Graham has gone hunting and gotten something at least once.  Good chance Cruz has too, and there are pics of him in orange.  Walker sez he hunts birds and deer and there are pics.

But a lot of GOP contenders are metrocons.  Conservative that grew up in and around cities.   Just like a National Review writer.


Tam said...

So... these people, whose combined net worth is so many orders of magnitude greater than mine that comparisons are meaningless, don't have enough guns between 'em to fill a table at a podunk county gun show?

I'm frankly disgusted.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Too busy running for Student Council in Junior High rather than reading, I bet, too.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Colonel Ernesto Bella: According to records, Mayor... your son is a prominent student leader.

Mayor Paul: Yes, well... he's a leader, but not in a violent or physical way. You see, Rand... he's more of a politician, like his father.

Colonel Ernesto Bella: A member of an elite paramilitary organization: "Eagle Scouts."

Mayor Paul: Yes, but that's not military. If he's alive, he's scared, he's hungry... and he's just as anxious to avoid conflicts as you and me. He's not a troublemaker.

Tam said...


kotetu said...

So, plug in "name" and " shooting" in a search engine and you have lots of videos of most of those blokes TALKING about shootingS.

However these two have videos of them actually doing some shooting...

Perry AR15 at steel:

Paul full auto in short bursts:

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Huh, Angus beat me to the punch. I really need to widen my reglar blog reads.

Angus McThag said...

Honestly, nobody is more surprised than I am to have beaten everyone to the punch.

rremington said...

Rick Perry had test targets from LaRue that he fired hanging in the Governors office. He went down to visit the LaRue guys often.

Mike said...

From first hand accounts, Perry's safety is terrifyingly dangerous.

Source: I know a couple guys who worked at an Austin range where he would do photo ops like the video posted.

Comrade Misfit said...

Jeb = 0? He grew up in Texas, moved to Florida, and he doesn't own a gun?

Commie..... :)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I KNOW, right? Not even a $30k over under fowling piece? Hell, Kerry has one of those.