Sunday, April 5, 2015

Odd things that can go wrong 2...

With your 1911.

What happens:
Some triggers have a little set screw in em to control trigger over travel.  The screw gages off the mag release button assembly.  Smart Armorers will take these out.  Because your Shooter Guy you are supporting for the big competition will monkey with it.

What this causes:
Eventually, the distance will be too short and the sear will graze the hammer hooks with each shot.  Then, one time when your Shooter Guy is out there in front of God and everybody, his 1911 goes full auto.  Then people blame other people.  The Armorer will catch this one.  YOU.

Some really good gunsmiths can control trigger travel at the safety.  I don't know how, and chances are 1 in a million you know how to either.  But if you are an armorer type and working on other peoples pistols and want an excuse when called up before The Man, you might make it a habit to dump the screws.  You may even block up the hole.  Enjoy the rest of your time servicing pistols at the Army Marksmanship Unit while the Shooter has to do a carpet dance. Shooters aren't allowed inside the gun.  Just shoot, Shooter.


Unknown said...

The grip safety can be set up to control overtravel, but the risk is that the shooter may not always have the grip safety fully depressed. Thus, anything less than full depression will result in varying degrees of excess overtravel.

If you are worried about someone futzing with the trigger's overtravel screw, you can have a fixed stop built into the rear of the trigger's shoe. With a fixed stop, you can only add overtravel by filing the stop.

Tam said...

There are two correct positions for the overtravel stop: Right and Wrong. The gun comes with the stop Loc-Tited in the Right position. If you screw with it, you will move it to the Wrong position.

Taking it out is also Wrong. A lot of people whose 1911 armoring (not "gunsmithing"; there's a difference) never advanced past what they learned in the Army in the '70s, plus Clint Smith, tell you to take it out.