Thursday, April 30, 2015


1911 Class is again on Saturday.  And during the week I worked on my J -Frame sights.  Got that installed. 

Lessons learned:

My punches are too big and the drill bits are the wrong size.  1/16th punches are different sizes. 

I would/should fit the next sight better if I had to do this again.  More filing and fitting, filing and fitting, til I got a decent fit all around.  I'd mung up the new sight a lot less that way.  The outside parts of it should be pristine after installation. 

I like roll pins and roll pin punches.  Much better that solid pins.  I had a roll pin.  Just the one.  Until I was done and remembered I had a bunch more in a set downstairs.   Annnnnd, I just found those.   I was gonna use the original solid pin, but... oops can't use a bent and broken one.  The only roll pin I thought I had was a bit short, but, like I said, I thought it was all I had.  Not ideal, but it does fit the front sight on tightly.   

Loctite Blue in gel form is prolly the best glue goop for this application.  Red if you are more sure of yourself, but do Blue, n00b. Except Red implies removal with heat later.  And if you are installing a tritium sight, you might not want to put flame to that, have it burst, then turn your house into a mini Chernobyl.

But, now I have two S&W 640 J Frame pistols.  They are the same with sights now, too.  And they glow.   One has VZ grips, and one has Crimson Trace grips.  One is a primary, one is a spare.  One also has that extra capacity for training and sighting that I am still not entirely sold on.   Still need to get another battey for that lazer.

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