Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blister Pack Clamshell, $1.59, 100 rds guaranteed

So I'm reading L. Neil Smith again. He's the guy that wrote up that alternative Libertarian universe.  The American Zone.  Not as strong as the Probability Broach...  I'm still having trouble picturing the America that happens when Gallatin stops Washingtonian overreach.  We were still a nation of tricksters, con artists, thieves, with no shortage of troublemakers that would be hard to dissuade, even at the risk of getting aired out.

In it, you can buy ammo at a vending machine. For just pennies a box. Mentioning that with government out of the way things are higher quality and cheaper because the free market isn't constrained. Make it better AND cheaper or you go out of business.

Also, the guns he describes are cool. And it's an alternate universe so the names are different. It's a gunnie's fantasy, to be able to hit the range for an afternoon with all these interesting sounding fictional guns.

But something struck me. These guns sound high quality. Like a lotta of craftsmanship went into them. I was wondering why there weren't quality disposable guns. If someone offered me a disposable pistol in this universe I'd say no way. But in that alternate universe you'd think they'd have a gun that worked for a few reloads, guaranteed, and only cost as much as a bottle of shampoo.  Have a fire fight, then get a replacement.  The donut-spare of the firearm world.  Enough to finish your trip, but little else, and cheap enough to practice with and throw out at the end of the range session.  Guns as disposable at magazines. 


Kristophr said...

I think Joe Haldeman did that in one of his novels.

A blister pack single shot gyrojet pistol-pen sold in 7-11s. Anyone could buy one, even kids.

It takes a 3-D photo of the area after the shot, releases a dye cloud, and cell-phones the police when its one round is fired.

Unknown said...

For those who want to read The Probability Broach, it's available free and online in 'comic' form at

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