Tuesday, April 28, 2015


No known non-police-duty type person has needed to defend themselves in the Baltimore riots.  At least none reported.  The conflict has been between the rioters and police and rioters and press folks.

At least no mano on mano conflict has been reported.

I take that back, some people in wheel chairs were put in jeopardy. 

But the worst injuries were to police officers that didn't feel the need to shoot back with firearms.  If they were restraining themselves to only throwing rocks.  (real classy move, buddy... I bet your sergeant has a talk with you at some point) It could have been .40S&W or 5.56mm sent back, but it wasn't.   Much restraint, no known new fatalities this week.  Hope it stays that way.

So, presumably, if some schmoe like me was nearby I'd have not been presented with Code Orange crossing into Red and had a call to need to defend myself.  With a firearm if I had one.  Which is a relief.  This is good, for what it is.  Of course it wouldn't be actual me because I have no pressing bidness and no MD CCW.  Just Sumdood like me.

But that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.  To someone.  Some random innocent could have a group of pitchforks and torches wielding bad guy villagers outside their house in an hour, and have to decide to shoot back or get kilt.  But like several people have reminded me, Martin O'Malley fixed it so Mr. or Mrs. Random has to pray there is only a few of them farm implement wielding villagers outside.  They can only have 10 rounder magazines.  Well, they can HAVE more than that, but Marty made it inconvenient to arrange for folks.  Hope you practiced fast accurate shooting, Random, if you need it.

Also, I recommend buying lots of extra duplicate guns, Random family, and keep them to hand loaded.  Solve that deadly O'Malley limitation that way. 

When he is president in 2017 it's gonna be a rough 8 years for all of us.


B said...

THere were clashes at the stadium.

Black/white too, apparently.

I wasn't there so I can't say for sure.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes. No one got kilt. The closest thing to a dead person is cops pelted in the head with rocks.

Was deadly responding force justified and reasonable for non cops? No reports of that yet.