Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Attention GOP/RNC

I always voted for the most conservative Republican until recently. 

I almost didn't vote for McCain.

I did NOT vote for Romney.

I won't vote for Rubio.  I'd rather have Trump.  I'd vote for Trump and I HATE Trump. 

Me and millions of other GOP voters will go the polls and vote down ticket and leave the top blank. 

That's how you lost 2012. 

Stop being stupid.

And encourage Carson to run for Maryland Senate.  He'd be awesome in this state. 


ASM826 said...

"I almost didn't vote for McCain.

I did NOT vote for Romney."

Me either. I voted for Gary Johnson last time. Romney's answer in the 2nd debate about his gun control stance sealed it for me. I turned off the TV a minute or two later because I realized I had made up my mind. Here's my post from October of 2012.


abnormalist said...

Trump is a great way to hand off the office to the Dems, no question
Also hand over a significant number of senate seats just because hes so loathed.

The Republican party is nearing the end of an identity crisis... Until they figure out who they want to be, they cant organize, and run an effective candidate. They need to weed out the stupid, or else they will have to follow the model of GM. Build a new party, move over the equipment, money, tooling and anything of value, leave the dead weight behind, and cut all ties. Let the old party die (or fade away like the Whigs).

Running McCain was the first indication. I liked McCain, that is to say before he got the nomination I liked McCain. Once he started to run he sold his soul, and lost the only reason people actually liked him. He became what the party wanted him to be, but the party had already lost its way. Romney was the next one. NO ONE LIKED ROMNEY. Even in the Republican party. If you don't like your own candidate, then you will never get enough middle of the road voters to like them. Trump is really a logical conclusion of this trend, and possibly the logical conclusion of the Republican party.

I dont support the Republican party's canon in the last few decades, too much disagreement from my values, but someone needs to exist to help balance out the other side.

Too bad they cant get their act together