Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gun Skool, addendum

All that stuff I talked about yesterday? One of the things I gloss over is the prep work ahead of time. Before you got fiting the barrel hood to the breech face you be sure the breach face is smooth and should and there is no shelf from the tooling that might add friction to this area as the bullet case slides along it. This happens in a lot of step. Under the slide there is the little divot the disconnector goes into, and then slides along when the slide works back and forth. There are numbers stamped on there. You can smooth this area (not TOO much!) and be sure that divot is sound and has no tooling marks itself. All our caspian slides in class did have a good disconnetor relief area, smooth as a babies bottom. I've seen uglier slides my own self, and I am a n00b.

Speaking of n00bs, don't do this:

OHMYGAWD!  Bless your heart, fella, but fast forward to 16:54 and listen to that? What you hear, even my n00b ears know, is galling. He calls it 'smearing' later.  He smeared off some metal.  See this still? The slide has actually planed a ship out of the frame. No no no!


I am a fast worker. I am consistently ahead of the other guys in class. Even the machinist guy. I am comfortable with tools and have always been fast with things. Taking tests in school, for example. I was the first to finish almost every time. I find things easy, I cruise through it. It applies to other things, too. Like, mopping floors and mowing lawns. Churning out blog posts.

This is a good thing. And it is not.

Speed has a quality of it's own. But it sacrifices quality sometimes. You see my atrocious and egregious typos? Speed has no time for proofreading!

I have to fight against this natural tendency in class. I want the best gun I can get not the fastest-made gun. Stop myself, pay attention, do a better job. If I do get ahead think on the stuff I just did and see if there is some area I can concentrate on to make better. 'Proofread' the gun. So to speak. Attention to detail.

You know where this tendency of mine will actually hurt me the most? The final finish. I won't take enough time to do it right.

My speed might make me a good get for a factory where they are pretty much just dropping in parts and making them work.  But I don't want to just make below average factory guns...  It's something I struggle with, self-discipline wise.

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