Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Don't see this in the news yet

Everytown says Trader Joe doesn't want your filthy money anymore.


Anonymous said...

Closest thing I could find was this story:

Sounds more like business as usual at Trader Joe's, with Everytown trying to spin the story for some good publicity.

Stated another way:
1) Mom's Demand Action petitions for a no guns policy
2) Trader Joe's says that they are posting no concealed carry in their Texas Locations (so no change to what was allowed before the first of the year), and makes no new prohibitions outside of Texas
3) Everytown declares victory despite nothing changing.

If only they could monetize that methodology, they would be in the catbird seat ;)

Old NFO said...

Meh... I don't patronize them anyway...

ASM826 said...

I am stupider for having followed that link.