Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gunsmithing report

Only a Sunday class, past, but very productive.

Got my sear filing fixture set up.  Got the hammer hooks and sear stoned and mated with full contact.

This is huge.

Finalized trigger fitting.  It was holding me back because of one spot on the frame.

Got a rough fit of the grip safety.  Also a huge win.  Need some tips to make that prettier, tho.


What's left?

How to make it more pretty.  The bushing and grip safety, especially.

I need to learn some more about thumb safeties.  What to file on to get it to function and what to file on the control over travel.  And how much and what not

I might need to file and escape men on the sear,  It's a longish pull now, with trigger engagement.

Need to get the plunger tube installed.

That's pretty much it.  3 more class days...


I learned something cool about the leaf spring...  I have to learn more and report back.  It is amazing what you can control with that spring in the feel of the trigger.

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