Sunday, February 28, 2016

OFFICIAL Class today

So I can get the smiths full attention at some point.  One more swipe needed on the lockwork, maybe. 


Stuff I learned yesterday... Safeties.  How they work, what to file on when it doesn't fit.

The little contact the grip safety makes with the trigger bow?  You sometimes have to remove a LOT of metal.  Be sure you keep the angle right, and use a safeside file. 

Also, there is a little trick you have to do so you can take the grip safety in and out without removing the mainspring housing.

I got a better idea how the thumb safety works yesterday too.  It helps I am using more stainless steel parts, and can actual SEE stuff.  So I got that working. 

Didn't get much with the rear sight.  Front sight hasn't even arrived yet. 

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