Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Run Marty, Run!

Not sure what complicated strategery Marty is up to with this announcement.  Probably lulling Hills and Berns into a false sense of security then WHOOSH!  Snatch away the nomination for himself and coast to the Whitehouse!

O'Malley is just playing the long game, like the nefarious Irishman he is.  Lulling his opponents into a false sense of security then...  BAM!  Uppercut right on the point of the chin!  Right on the button.  And...  out like a light.  Sure he hit Hillary, and Hillary is a girl, but, all is fair, right?  It's not like you haven't thought about that.  A good shove would topple over Socialist grandpa Simpson.  And despite living in a dairy state Bern got rickets waiting for his gummint dairy product to be spoon fed to him.  He'll break a hip.

There is no way he can't be the next president, after all

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