Monday, February 1, 2016

Dead Tech

To get a pistol in Maryland you have to deal with the State Police.  Get the license, &c. &c.

Their website only accepts Internet Explorer.  Not Chrome Firefox or Safari.

Of these 4 browsers which one is the one that is about to hit end of life, forever?  Yup.  IE.  Deader than disco right soon.


Frank said...

Well, to get one online, anyways. Suggested solutions?

1. Treeware (apply in person).
2. Move the hell out of Maryland.

Montana said...

Install the firefox extension that lies to the web server about it's user agent. I face the same thing with the Coast Guard Aux Uniform Distribution Center. Site works fine if you just tell it you're using IE 6. WTF you are supposed to get a real copy of IE 6 is beyond me.