Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bill 'O Health

So, on a personal note. 

Had my annual checkup, but for the previous month I've been teetotalling.

"Oh my GAWRSH T-Bolt, but you LOVE good beer!  Heck weren't you brewing beer for realz for a living for a mess of years?"

Yes, that is true.  But I wanted to see something.  I had read this article last fall.  Dramatic health benefits by giving your liver a vacation: 

‘The results were staggering,’ said Professor Kevin Moore, who was involved in both experiments. ‘If you had a drug that did this it would be a multi-billion pound market.  ‘There was a 40 per cent reduction in liver fat, they lost about three kilograms in weight and their cholesterol levels improved.’

Heck, I can do that.  And it don't cost nothing.  If I can quit smoking I can go a month without a drop.  It's not like I am quitting forever, just for January.  I did nothing else to boost any good effects.  No extra niacin or vitamin D or what have you. 

I had my last drink on the 3rd of January.  And the doc was the 8th of February.  And to break my fast I had a decent IPA from Troegs called Perpetual.  A well made offering that resists going too crazy with the hops like many IPA makers are wont to do.  Was good. 

Results?  Who knows on Cholesterol levels.  Only had blood drawn yesterday.  My pants and belt are looser, so some ell-bees melted off.  Good.  My BP was 138/80.  Meh.  When I was a kid it was 115/70, and I used to get head rushed standing up.  So that is no good, dangit.  No real improvement.  I wasn't 145/90 this time last year.  I was about the same. 

We'll see when the cholesterol number come in.  Maybe do 2 months next time and zap myself with niacin/aspirin/vitamin D.  I'd like to avoid Crestor type meds as long as possible. 


What else is wrong with me?  The beginning of old man complaints.  Sciatica.  The tips of my kneecaps hurt.  Dad had that about this age, but then it went away after a few years.  Mystery!  I look forward to it going away... 

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Borepatch said...

Maybe I should try this. Lent is coming, after all ...