Tuesday, February 9, 2016

If you have to lie

And it is so obviously a lie.

Vincent DeMarco, president of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence, says it was the wrong decision, but doesn't think it will be upheld. He is pushing for a universal background check across the country.

"That is something which will prevent gun violence,” he states. “We definitely need national laws, but states that have these kinds of measures have lower gun deaths."

And so easily and regularly debunked...   You movement is on borrowed time.  Thank goodness.

Vincent DeMarco lies.  States that have those kinds of measures do not track with lower gun deaths.  Or lower gun violence.  Or lower violence.  One doesn't correlate with the others. 

Unless he want so argue that the the NRA gets the Justice Department to fudge its numbers.  I guess he can go that route.  People won't believe that either.


ASM826 said...

Let's imagine Aladdin's lamp. Genie pops out and the progressive says, "Eliminate every gun on the planet!" Poof! Every firearm gone.

Gun violence is instantly reduced to zero.

Would that world look like feudal Japan, feudal Europe, the Roman Empire, the Mayans? What? All those cultures had no guns, it must have been peaceful.

They're not lying to us. They are lying to themselves.

Mike W. said...

People will just say the Justice Dept.'s numbers are racist. I shit you not I had a leftie use this argument to refute BJS and FBI UCR numbers, because LEO's and the criminal justice system are racist, dontchaknow.