Monday, February 15, 2016

Not so Smart

So called 'smart guns' are a paradox.  A contradiction.  An impossibility.  They simply cannot be.  The interests are diametrically opposed.  Any more than you can lift yourself up by grabbing your own collar and yanking.

Michael Williamson explained this.  I reiterate by quoting him:

"The first time an authorized shooter, cop or citizen, pulls the trigger, nothing happens, and the bad guy's gun works, they or their family will sue. I need it to FAIL TO THE UNLOCK STATE.
The first time an unauthorized shooter is able to access it, the victims will sue. The mfr needs it to FAIL TO THE LOCK STATE. It cannot do both."
Fail in unlock state, fail in lock state.  Mutually exclusive requirements by two opposing interests.  Pay attention.  Smart guns are baloney.  They can't be perfect.  Even if they could be perfect there are plenty of OTHER arguments against them that I don't even have to go

This kid is either wasting time chasing a unicorn or he is scamming.  Either way he should quit.  Gloves don't matter, battery life is irrelevant.

Leave out the fact his device will be used to restrict people's civil rights...  It's hen's teeth.   Stop searching for teeth in your chickens

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