Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Repeal the Second Amendment!

Many Leftist's pipe dream.  Repeal it!  Like we repeal Prohibition!  They talk a big game.

But can you?  I mean that, really.  Can you seriously repeal it?

Oh sure, you may get 100% of the electorate to vote it down, and actually write that into the Constitution as an Amendment, like the 21st was passed to negate the 18th. 

But have you repealed it? 

The Second is different. 

The 2nd doesn't grant a right.  It recognizes one.  And places restrictions on the gov't regarding it.  The right was there before it was written down.  It is a revealed thing.  Every living critter has a right to defend itself. 

If you repeal the Amendment are removing a right or adding a repression? 

People in England and Australia have a right to keep and bear arms.  It's just their government if violating their rights on this.  As they do with other rights.  Like their freedom of expression.  Maybe one day they will correct this intolerable atrocity.  But it's still their right and ours. 

The boot of tyranny for you Socialist overlord could be standing your face, but you still have a right to keep and bear arms.  The only reason you aren't is that boot is violating you. 

But by all means vote for Bernie.  We've been slacking off in the 21st Century with the totals of "gov't murdering its own people" statistic.  To get a REALLY high score you need a Socialist at the helm.

"But but but Europe TBolt!"

Europe could afford their namby version of Socialism because they lived under the umbrella the USA provided.  The same way Amish folks can be pacifists and not drafted.  There were plenty of other folks looking after them that they could be excused duty, but you can't apply that policy too widely.

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