Wednesday, February 3, 2016

State of the Industry

So, assuming Hillary and Bern and Marty do not prevail in November...  Just conjecture...

What happens to the firearms industry?

It's gonna tank without a Democrat driving sales, whipping up gun store traffic like a rented mule that owed them money.  So, a bit of a contraction.  Might lose some companies, big and small.  Colt, for the big, is living on borrowed time and hasn't effectively capitalized on the Obama windfall.

We'll see the bust side after the boom.

Maybe prices will go down and availability will go up?  I am not shopping for guns, but if I continue on a gunsmith kick...  I wouldn't mind more gunsmith supplies getting cheaper.  I have frame #002 to think of. 

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Comrade Misfit said...

Ammunition prices will also tank, as a lot of people realize that they have enough on hand for a few years of shooting.

But guns? Yeah. The all-metal guns are multi-generational in their durability. A S&W 686, if properly cared for, will be very usable in the 22nd Century. So will Mosins and Mausers.

Not sure if the polymer/plastic guns will have that degree of durability.