Friday, November 25, 2016

Handgun Marksmanship

The Experts Guide to Handgun Marksmanship.

I bought this off the NRA Palladium Press years ago.  It's mostly magazine article reprints.  Mixed reviews.

But I know more now than I did then.

Re-reading now I am catching things that I could not have caught back then.  It makes me think I am on the right track in my self improvement.

Jack O'Connor:  "the first step is to take an easy and relaxed stance," "he should be grasping the handgun lightly but firmly," "the ideal way to learn to shoot a handgun would be to go through a course of dry firing for a few weeks,"  "it is absolutely fatal to let the target distract the shooter's attention from the sight," "keep the sight looking as good as possible and then to keep increasing pressure on the trigger until the gun goes off."

All good stuff.  Stuff I read before.  And understood.  But now, with the passage of time, and some formal instruction, even the simple things are freighted with greater meaning.

This isn't the best book to teach you how to shoot your pistol.  But if you pay attention YOU might be the best 'book' to teach you how to shoot your pistol.  If you keep seeking out from everywhere things and people and teachers and instruction on how to shoot your pistol.

I wish I was a faster learner and more physically coordinated.  This process would go a bit faster.  Or that I had time and resources to work on it more than twice weekly.  Or both. 


Old NFO said...

It is a good book, and those lessons do ring true...

Windy Wilson said...

How does it compare to Colonel Cooper's Principles of Personal Defense?