Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Polly Ticks

My fervent hope in the near future, the next 4 years.

A gun case comes up to the Supreme Court and they put down "Strict Scrutiny" in the Clarence Thomas majority opinion.  Then another case with the same thing.  Heller 2, McDonald 2, whatever.

National Reciprocity that applies to me and applies to my carrying in Maryland.

A few quarters of 3+% GDP growth, in a row.  Enough that they consider raising interest rates up off the floor.  And all that entails.


That's it.  Everything else is gravy.  Suppressor for firearms in blister packs at Walmart?  Sure.  Fine.  Neat.  Sweeping away of all of Obama's executive orders and a few from GHW Bush?  Great.  Whittle down the EPA, DOE, DOE, BATF, HUD, TSA, VA, Homeland Security to nothing or near nothing because of incompetence or superfluosity or sheer waste?  Super.  Do what you can.

But move the needle on securing the 2nd and boost the economy.

"That's pretty small ball, T-Bolt.  Why not think bigger?"

Good point.  My universe is pretty small.  I guess I am just not greedy.  However Trump is almost certainly awful; he says the right things but who knows what he'll do.  And the GOP is feckless.  I am curbing my expectations for the future.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And you know what? Even Earth Bound Misfit would be cool with it if Trump did these initial three, non-gravy, things, and nothing else either good or bad. And she is not a fan. We certainly are not the same political species, her and I.

Expanded gun right and a nice economic outlook. What's not to like?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

To get strict scrutiny, tho, you'd need strict scrutiny SCOTUS judges. I don't think she'd go for that. Ah well.

Windy Wilson said...

What would be better would be all the intermediate scrutiny and rational basis tests for the Constitution would go away and they all become Strict Scrutiny.

I then thought that it might be hard to explain to all the second year lawyers, but the nine black robes have already been so all-over the map with scrutiny and suspect classifications, it couldn't get much worse.