Wednesday, November 9, 2016

PRESIDENT Lord Business

Well.  How bout that.  I expected I'd be more hungover.

There is a bit of good news in all this.

The Media-Democrat establishment created this monster but never expected it to turn on them and rampage through the village.  Seeing the looks on their faces while he did is quite satisfying.

The Crime Family Clinton doesn't have a stake through its heart, but this will be devastating to their enterprise.

Hillary is an AWFUL candidate and an awful person.  She didn't lose because she is a woman.  She lost because she is awful.  The glass ceiling is broken but not the truly-awful-people-ceiling

George Soros is unhappy.  Mike Bloomberg is unhappy.  Both good things.

There is a chance some of the Obama lawlessness will be curtailed.

The celebrities that promised to decamp?  All of you except Samuel L. Jackson, good riddance.  Reconsider, Jules Winnfield!  The rest?  Bye, Felicia!

Speaking of Pulp Fiction, maybe the GOP will learn, now, not to put on the Gimp suit and roll over to show their belly to Democrats whenever the Dems look at them cross eyed.  We also wouldn't be here if they had more of a desire to win for their peeps. 

I am enjoying the shocked tears of the Jacobins and Leftists as they wake up this morn.

The Second Amendment might not be dead. So, too, we might see a revival in the rule of law.

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