Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Re-Org the Armory

So, what with the hankering and thinking on a 9mm and the light gunsmithing work of late, I took the opportunity to travel to secret offsite bunker where I store all my gonne-stuffs and neaten up the joint a little.

Make room for an ammo can or two of new caliber.  Be sure everything is above board.  And no groundhogs have made a nest in the place.

Why yes, it is a bit like the Batcave.

So THERE is where I put all those 12 gauge shotgun rounds.  Good good.  I wanted to give some to a buddy anyway.

And this is trash.  No need.  Old targets?  Won't learn anymore from them.  Trash.

You know those little metal cans filled with silica the size of a cigarette pack?  Good for keeping the moisture away.  But never drop it.  They burst open and those pebble go EVERYWHERE.  Add another bit of tape to yours right now.  Dammit, wish I had thought of that.

I'm even thinking of selling something.  Like that Commander sized .45ACP.  I wouldn't normally, but...  When I got it I never thought I'd make my own 1911 .45 and it seem like too much now.   I like to have one of each gun.  One for each purpose.  And a spare.  And maybe ONE more spare.  Maybe.  But not two spare spares.   It's a newish Colt that runs fine but isn't a custom job and does have those XS Express sights I put on it to see if I liked them and decided I do not.

Never sold a gun before.  That would be a new experience.

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