Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump is AWFUL

I don't like him very much.

But I am glad I won.

I feel even better about him winning based on what has happened on the left since Tuesday.  There are even people on my Facebook feed that have said, "Several of my friends have been sexually assaulted by Trump voters since the election."


You'd think the police reports about those would get more press.

There is a great museum in downtown Baltimore.  The American Visionary Arts Museum.  As you go around looking at the exhibits and reading the little plaques you come to a realization.  A lot of this cool stuff was created by inmates at insane asylums.  Not raving lunatics, but the kind of people that spend their days obsessively swallowing inorganic objects.  Like safety pins.

And also making intricately detailed matchstick sculptures or paper mache cars.

The nonviolent Hillary voters you hear about remind me of them.  Not that there aren't also raving lunatics among them.  And, of course, your Soros rent-a-mobs got spun up faster than I would have thought.  They are a little bit unhinged AND mercenary.  I wonder if he gives out W2s...

But most are, well not quiet, but...  Relatively harmless folks without the firmest grasp of reality.  Pajama-boys.  And now you can tell by looking at them as they assign themselves a wearable insignia.  If one of your relatives is wearing a safety pin at Thanksgiving table, look out.  They are there to ruin dinner.  

Anyway, again, Trump is awful, I am glad he won.

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