Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sim Training

Is going away.

Hatfields is moving and the new gunsmithing facility won't have room for the simulator.  Which makes me sad.  I was learning lots in there.  Maybe it's time I graduated to bigger things with actual ammo.  That's the bad news.

The good news is he is even closer to the best range in the area, ESS.  Where he already does live fire instruction.

To give a fer instance on what I learn in that sim.  Sam lays down some ninja type stuffs on me at times.  You know lately I have been heeling shot with the .22.  What's up with that?  Well a good shooting instructor that knows his bidness will say "relax, do a good trigger squeeze and FOCUS ON THAT FRONT SIGHT."  I have been drifting off the sight, I realize that in retrospect.  A bad habit.  Well, on one of the plate targets in five seconds Sam comes into the Sim, tell me to aim at the smalled 'plate' on the wall, stage the trigger, then close my eyes.  PING!  Time after time.  Eyes closed.  Ping.  Ping.  Ping.  Ping.  Set up, stage the trigger, close eyes, fining the squeeeeeeeeeeeze... ping.


Hey, my hold and trigger squeeze are pretty good, now.  My biggest problem now may be how I look at things and how I think about things.  As Tam would undoubtedly tell me, I have too many mind.

"Too many mind, Tam?"

"Yes, T-Bolt.  Mind the gun, mind the people watch, mind enemy - too many mind...  No mind."

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