Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Serious Question

What happens when you leave a speedloader in a pants pocket and run it through the wash then in the clothes dryer on high heat?

I haven't done that.  But it sounds like something I might do.


B said...

I dunno. But I have washed and dried .22LR, .380 and 9mm and .38 (or .357, I disremember which) and .45ACP at one point or another with no issues.

Worst case, the case opens up a bit and the gasses scorch your clothes. No flying bulletses.

Marty said...

If those are your CC Reloads I'd switch them out at very least. The rounds might be compromised.

Wolfman said...

I would be surprised if the dryer managed enough heat to cause them to cook off. I would be much less surprised to find that water had gotten into them and rendered the powder unreliable. If they are properly seated and crimped, the bullets should stay in, even in the tumble and rigor of washing and drying, but I wouldn't be surprised if they got a little loose and let the water in.

At any rate, I'd say pull the bullets, discard the powder and primers, and start fresh.

Mike W. said...

I did it with, oddly enough, some 32 long wadcutters in a speedloader. Didn't break the speedloader, but the rounds were.... funkified enough that I didn't want to shoot them anymore.

Sendarius said...

In my experience - nothing happens.

I would not have used the ammunition afterwards in a match, or in a carry gun, but all the rounds fed, fired, and extracted normally.