Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Range, November 15

Started strong this time.  Then the high and right heeling crept in over time.  Hard to measure as they were out of my usual targets.  25 feet, 45 rounds of CCI minimax .22 from when it cost $3.80, no ammo or gun failures. 

I did the center ones first.  Meh.

Top left is odd man out.  I wonder why that is?  But you see heeling again in the other 3 corners.  And I admit there was an early shift off the front sight I don't usually do.  But I corrected that when I realized it.  And I lightened up the grip.  So I don't know what I am off on.  More instruction in a couple weeks.  Maybe another practice session the week after Thanksgiving.

I need to change something up.  Maybe the pace of the shooting, between each shot.  Now it is "shoot three deliberately and slowly, pinning back and resetting after each shot."  Maybe two.  Maybe just one shot.  Maybe slower.  I can sometimes fix myself.  Correct a flaw on the go, so to speak.  And not require instruction.  This one is a little more persistent.  

Heeling... I bet it's losing the front sight.  I used to be much better with front sight concentration.  Dunno what happened.

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Will said...

Loss of shooting/front sight focus may be actual vision focus. Have you gotten your vision checked? Look for a doc that has a shooting background, if possible, for this. If over ~35, your really need to do this.

Continuing on this subject, are you shooting late in the day? If so, try shooting before going to work, or take a long lunch break, perhaps. We can overpower some vision difficulties when fresh, but when tired, not so much.