Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Slow Wheels of Justice

That Minnesota cop that aired out that CCW holder is finally getting charged with a crime.  Manslaughter.  Good!  It's about time.   That was half a year ago!

But I saw this in the Washington Post's write up on it:

"Castile had a permit to carry his gun, something that sparked internal divisions among members of the National Rifle Association at the time."

 Now, I am in the NRA.  I remember lots of discussion about that at the time.  I don't remember internal divisions.  I'm not all over NRAHQ, tho, maybe there were.

I do remember liberals directing flak at the NRA back then for waiting for a few more facts to come in before making a statement on the shooting.   And when they made their statement based on what was known they were appalled an innocent CCW holder got shot by a jumpy police officer.  Something the NRA tends to frown upon in all cases.

Anyone have any knowledge on internal NRA divisions?

Or is this the Post stealing a march and injecting their own fantastical conclusions into a story instead of facts?


Windy Wilson said...

What does "stealing a march" refer to?
In this case, where Leftists appear to have interest in a story and they claim it is for general newsworthiness and human interest, I have to think it has something to do with "Märchen", the German word for "fairy tales".

B said...

Was he a legal CCL holder? Reports at the time said he was not. THe article doesn't make that clear.

Not that he should have been shot either way....

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The stealing a march refers to the implication that the NRA had a conflict with some of sympathizing with the victim, and others in the NRA on the cops side right or wrong. Maybe I am over reading their tone, but this IS the Post.

Windy Wilson said...

And, even with a CCL, that doesn't eliminate the need to act so that the cop is not sent through the intense fear subroutine.
It's a CCL, not a license to assume your good intentions will trump (sorry) everything else.