Sunday, November 13, 2016

Safe at Second

You know what I find sorta comforting?

More than one Dem I know personally is now gun shopping.  For real.  Not making that up.  All the gun buying on our side has lead to this.  They saw us exercising a right when it was under some threat, and at a time of their uncertainty, and knowing it is less likely to go away, they want to exercise the right too.  And take responsibility for themselves.  Well, some of them.

Not that I think this guy or that want to hunt down GOP peeps.  These are reasonable people.  Reasonable enough.  But they are finally coming around on the Second Amendment.  And all because they lost an election and saw what we did when we lost an election.

At least I fervently hope they aren't the violence-initiating kind of democrats...

It's a good thing.  It makes them less likely to push for gun bannage.  It's pushback against their allies like Soros and Bloomberg. 


I'm not the only one that noticed this lefty interest.

One guy here is going to get a 10/22.  Partly for his kids, partly because his liberal Brother in Law wants to learn how to shoot after November 9th.  

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