Thursday, November 17, 2016

Range 7 November

New wrinkle.  3 failures to feed in the first magazine, CCI mini-max .22lr.  There is wax blobs on the tips of these bullets.  This was hanging up the gun.  Was my car hot enough to melt these and I only now encountered it?  Maybe.  Was is 15 year old CCI that used wax and now that I am toting that older ammo to the range I am just now encountering it?  Also possible.

When I paid attention to the ammo while loading the magazines and flaking off any big bits I found, the failures went away.

Keeping up a log, now, too.  For this gun and my better, improved, 1911s.  But just this for now because I've only been shooting .22.  Centerfire in December.  Can't wait to learn something new.

Log entry:  "Ciener, 7 NOV 16, /48 rounds of CCI MiniMax, 3 FTF due to waxy buildup." Anything else I should include in the log

Anyway, here is the target:

Check out target 3.  the first 3 shot at it bracketed the X ring, the second group was higher and twelve o'clock.

Most everything else was high and right.  That's new.  Newish.  Tending high.  Did and extra set of 3 on targets 1 and 2.

Targets seven and eight were cranked out to 50 feet instead of the usual 25, just to see.  Three rounds each.

Score for 6 targets vis 8:

Round 1:  24 17 30xx 27 21 21 = 140xx
Round 2:  23 15 22     15 22 21 = 118

With actual MISSES this time, off the scoring.  Bleh.  Crappy.  I need to fix that.  Troubleshoot says breaking wrist up or heeling.  What the hell is breaking and heeling?  Hmph.  Lemme check the literature.

"The solution for either form of anticipation is front sight focus. This is a complete, deliberate focus on the front sight, not just visually, but mentally as well. If you have a flinch or anticipation problem, I recommend actually saying front sight in your head as you press the shot. Your focus on the front sight should be so deliberate that you'll find the shot has broken before you had the opportunity to anticipate it. If you find you are focusing so intently that the shot breaks and gives you a surprise, you did it right."

Fine.  Relax.  Front sight.  The basics.   It always comes back to the basics.  I coulda guessed that, and it is right.


Will said...

Find, or copy, those targets in black+white. Red lightwaves focus differently in optical systems for eyes. Shoot both back to back, and see if there is a difference for you.

Tam said...

Are you shooting two-handed or one-handed?