Saturday, December 30, 2017

Been Feelin Poorly

Since last Saturday.

You always remember when you were sick on Christmas.  At least it wasn't a stomach bug.  Those are the worst.

So blog fodder suffers, some.

Oh drat.

I wasn't drunk but apparently I made an Amazon purchase, unexpectantly.  My memory is hazy.  Should get here today.

You know, it might be a GOOD thing you can't order a gun for yourself online to be delivered in 2 days of less.  I can't imagine how many Rhinos and KelTex308 and Calicos I'd have by now.  


Borepatch said...

Hey, the Rhino was interesting to shoot.

The Queen Of The World and I are both on antibiotics. Think there's something going around.

Unknown said...

Most definitely there is something going around. I first showed flu symptoms on Dec 14th. The next day already feeling the grim reaper over my shoulder I went to urgent care. The place was packed with flu bitten folks. My diagnosis was the flu.

Eight days feeling like crap and gulping Rx I finally climbed out of bed only to have a bronchial inflammation. Today, the 30th is the first day I have regained my strength. Potent flu plus protracted recovery.

My brother 250 miles distant in CA reported the same. My cousin outside PHX the same. A friend in SW FLA reported the same. A family friend in NE GA the same, another in Philly likewise. Like me, those others desired a swift demise. It was awful.

Yesterday I took my nephew to the ER. The place had nearly 200 patients in the three hours we were there and only three with something other than flu-like symptoms. Take care y'all.