Saturday, December 16, 2017


So Dave Bautista is in a B-Movie action show.  Bushwick.  He plays a mopey ex Marine, ex Navy corpsman with PTSD.  Well, he is the biggest name in the show, it really centers on a blond college student caught up in events that teams up with the big galoot.

Special effects are meh.  Clearly the film crew couldn't light ACTUAL Brooklyn row homes on fire.  Understandable.  You need a big budget for that.

Released in 2017, a Three Percenter Molon Labe Secessionist REAL Constitution style Militia is the heavy, taking over the US from within with AK-47s and souped up civilian helos.  Like that is what they'd choose.  The setting is in Bushwick Brooklyn where the Militia realizes they have bitten off more than they can chew and can't pacify these New Yorkers.  They aren't looking to conquer, just more Raid and Paralyze.  Our protagonists have to make it 5 blocks to a safe zone and eventual evacuation to Non-Walmart America. 

Lots of gunplay. 

The Militia expected fewer New Yorkers with guns.

Bautista has a chrome/nickel 1911.  Other guns are scrounged from the fallen.  College girl settles on a Sig.  Our protagonists eschew rifles for pistols.  The New Yorkers fight back against the black clad, black helicopter, rifle troopers with lots of Uzis and shields made of 55 gallon drums and baseball bats.  New York is outgunned, but has the numbers. 

The movie feels like a chance for Bautista to exercise his acting chops, and he does ok at this.  Mission accomplished for Bautista, as his range extends beyond hulky action dude.  I didn't dislike his performance.  But the movie itself is a little nihilistic for my taste. 

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