Sunday, December 3, 2017

Range over T-Giving

Hit the range on black friday.

The bad first?  Ok.

Taurus .22 revolvers have an AWFUL trigger.  Gritty and over firm and over variable.  Ruger 101's like this:

the pull is ok, but the edges aren't eased like they are on a Smith and hurt my tender little girlie fingers.  At least the one I shot wasn't eased.  Sharp arris that bit me with the recoil.  If I had shot 12 I'd have a blister or broken skin.

Shot the new S&W M&P 2.0 from the rental desk.  The compact.  Decent.  Even with a rental gun factory trigger.  I was pleased.   The only quibble I have with the M&P is the placement of the slide release lever.   Not ideal with a lefty like it is with a 1911.

The good?

I got to shoot a Model 19 S&W that looked like this:

But with Hogue grips.  Early version.  Good condition.  Good trigger.  A joy to shoot and shot well.   I covet that revolver.

I shot my 640 a bit, and my 1911.  Early low-and-rights from flinching but then I got their number and improved.  Here is a sample.  1911 on top.  There are some 9mm from the M&P in there too on the bottom target, the rest are from the 2 .38 revolvers.

Got my first malf with the 1911 tho.  Failure to lock back on empty at round number 543.  550 total so far, no cleaning, but I am over due for 3 drops of oil. 


ASM826 said...

The grips on the Ruger SP101 are terrible. Replace them with the Hogue Monogrips and it's a joy to shoot.

ET1813 said...

I only hope that if you do get a model 19, that you do NOT out Hogue grips or any other kind of grips in it. That gun is one of the best and most beautiful revolvers ever made so I hope you don't do it a disservice by changing the stock grips. Just my 2¢