Saturday, December 9, 2017

NEW Master List.

I have an old one I started 10 year ago.  It's still somewhat valid.  Things like ".22 revolver" used to be on there.  And ".357 lever action rifle."  They aren't anymore because I got those.  And there isn't really a priority anymore.  Everything now is 'just because it'd be neat.'

  1. .22TCM/9mm single stack Armscor 1911.
  2. CMP vintage Colt 1911.
  3. S&W Model 19.  No lock.  Earlier model?  Like a dash 3?  Or the Stainless version 66-3.  Condition is important, naturally.  Full length extractor rod with the shorted barrel do-able.  So, 2 and half inches, I guess.  I'd have to hammer down the details.
  4. Custom single stack Commander length 9mm 1911.   Just cuz.
  5. DeLisle style new made bolt action rifle, left handed.
  6. S&W M&P 2.0 or Sig P320.  Full size.  With a light rail obviously.  House pistol.  9mm prolly.
Or bag it all and just get the .22 TCM full size with a light rail and the custom Commander with no light rail.  Then call it a day, forever!  Depends on the mood.

Huh.  Pistol heavy.  I must be getting old.  I wonder what I'd be like if I lived next door to a nice rifle range...

I may get any one of those on the list soon or never. 


Old 1811 said...

Two-and-a-half inch 19s and 66s don't have full-length ejector rods. Three -inch 66s do. They're very rare (I've only actually seen one), and there were never any 3-inch 19s made.

Comrade Misfit said...

What 1811 said. 3" Model 13/65s are out there, but they're pricey.

Don't overlook Ruger Security/Service/Speed Sixes.