Friday, December 8, 2017


You wanna live forever?

The '57 Bel Air is unsafe?  Say it ain't so. 

You don't want to get hurt don't run it into stuff.  I'm a very good driver.

"That may be so T-Bolt but there are lots of idiots out there and they might run into you."

Shut up!

Speaking of Bel Air, I hope the Fresh Prince got out of his neighborhood before the fires got there.  Wonder where he will move to next?

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Will said...

The proper response to this sort of finger wagging is to relate a method to amplify the lack of safety.

Take a '57 convertible, stuff a much modified big block under the hood, add a 4speed, and go play!
I did this in '69-'70. Before I put in a stiff set of springs in the front, it would yank the wheels off the ground shifting second gear. That followed about 2 hundred feet of rubber in first gear. That was with a stock 3-speed. That would last about maybe 10 launches, before the trans would begin knocking badly. The 4 speed worked much better. Sadly, I could never get anyone to race me at the Fri/Sat nite street races in South Philly. The whole car rocked at idle, and scared them away. Same problem in the original car, a '68 Chevelle Ragtop. (there were several very radical 57's that would show up occasionally at those events, and people got them confused. Mine would have been the least competitive of the bunch, as it lacked the slicks needed to put that kind of power to the ground.)

Car would spin the tires in 4th gear after shifting above 100mph. (was it the Beach Boys that sang about getting rubber in all 4 gears?) Garden State Parkway near Wildwood, late at night. Beautiful pavement then.
I think I may have added a seatbelt, but I'm not sure.