Monday, December 11, 2017

Live Fire

So, was testing the double stack Hardcore 9mm, with Sam.  Well, it's magazines.  But might as well work on accuracy too.

"That looks like .45 holes in the center"

Good eyes!  Sam also brought one of his custom guns he just finished, and he let this noob shoot it.  To get a different pair of hands on it, see if it was as reliable.  9mm lower right.

Both these guns.  I find myself shooting through holes I just shot.  That feels weird.

Anyway.  Separate problems.   The follower is getting too high so the gun locks back even thought there is one round in the magazine.  Easy tune, just take a hair off the one part of the follower that touches the slide lock.  Also:  Feed lips spreading.  Let's try making a mandrel.  Back to the shop for HOURS of shaping a hunk of tool steel into something that can fit up a magazine and get hammered on.  Hope to have picture of that for you soon.

My first double stack gun and the magazines for the gun are for doodly squat.  Drat.  I will fix this gun, and have it run like a top.  Dunno if I will still love it because of that one flaw.  The rest of it is EXCELLENT.  But part of me wants a single stack custom 9mm 1911.  I bet Sam would do a trade-in...

When the magazine says 21 round capacity, maybe only load 10 or 12 or 15.  Unless you have a Glock.  A later style. Them double stacks seem to have it dialed in.  And considerably cheaper.

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