Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hot of the FB presses

This has been everywhere, shared and reshared.  You have already seen it, chances are

I just like it.

This has got the post war, pre LBJ look about it.  Stylistically.  The artist captured that mood very well.  Before photo color reproduction became much cheaper and widespread in magazines and pretty much took over all the ad copy.  The golden age of the illustrator.  Note the typeface is NOT Helvetica.  Which will also become ubiquitous as the camera work comes to the fore on every damn page of a periodical.

Now, for slowheads like me.  This is NOT an actual vintage ad from Colt back in the day.  Women shooters (and men for that matter) in ad copy were smiling back then, but never gleeful about it.  Or taking a bead in the living room.  With a suppressor.  No, not in the ad copy.

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Will said...

I'm thinking that it's the hair that isn't quite right. Too natural looking. Post war was anything but. Not puffed up enough. Bouffant?