Friday, December 29, 2017


SO I was reading this HuffPo article Why Black People Own Guns.  Three things jumped out at me.  One:  HuffPo writers know nothing about guns.  Two:  Lots of folks own the Taurus Judge.  I swear, that was a great product to sell, Taurus.  Three:  I had never heard of a SCCY.  One dude in the article owns one.

Or maybe I did and it just didn't take.

An American gun company that flew completely under my radar.

Looks like they are competing in the CCW market with companies like Kahr and KelTec, offering a small easily concealed 9mm.  10 shot, tho.   That "I'm a pistol slightly bigger than those pocket .380s that were all the rage 6 years ago but now shoot 9mm" niche. 

Interesting.  You go, SCCY. 

I'm waiting for .32 to make a comeback in the carry world.

Also, the NRA dropped the ball not supporting Philando Castile after that cop shot him down.  I know the line that the NRA has to walk.  Support the police, or support CCW people.  To support one means they have to come out AGAINST the other, so they stayed mum.  Not make waves in that case. Which is a shame.  The NRA could have come out if it was a cop vs. a bad guy or a bad guy vs. a CCW holder, sure.  That's not the baby they had to divide, like Solomon.

But I think maybe this time, in that one case, they could have come down in favor of the black CCW holder a bit more than they did.  It's not like anyone thinks that cop was just doing his job.  Everyone thought he screwed up.  He wasn't going to be a cop long after that, and everyone knew it.  And he wasn't going to get prosecuted, because they never do.  I think the NRA could have garnered some goodwill from African Americans without looking like they were against the Police and in the corner of the Black Lives Matter extremists.

Sadly, water under the bridge now. 


Mrs. True Blue Sam said...

Hickok reviewed it, and it looks good to me. He did not like the long trigger reset. That's a small criticism for most of us.

B said...

Agreed. I own two. Good firearms, but yes, the long trigger reset takes some getting used to.

But they are good firearms, so far for me, reliable, and they are accurate at the ranges they are likely to be used.

for the money, I think they are better than the lower end Kel-Tecs.

NotClauswitz said...

Not sure if they are available in California because of our stupid-stupid shake-down "Handgun Roster," but I've heard of them.
Just seems to me the gun company has a marketing problem and perhaps could have chosen a better company name/acronym than "sucky" (or "sissy"??).
Its name doesn't convey anything and has too many consonants - hell, it's ALL consonants even with the, "sometimes Y and W" clause permitting.
Happy New Year!

Ratus said...

The SCCY pistols are direct copy's of the Kel Tec P-11.

The SCCY company is the result of a business dispute with/former employees of Kel Tec. It's a long story and I don't have all of the info, so I'll just say it's complicated.