Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Here is another target from the live fire session mentioned yesterday.  Concentrating on two things, shooting decent, and the magazine tests and recording.  So my attention is somewhat divided. 

But look.

Drat, I am favoring right a bit still.  Some high ones with that 9mm, occaisionally.  So finger placement and flinchy still.  But...

"10 years ago when you started this journey did you think you'd be this good, T-Bolt?"

Yeah, sorta.  I just didn't know how I would get here.  Practice and diligence initially, then regular, decent training.  I have sort of achieved my goals from back then.  I just wanted to get more rounds in an imaginary 3X5 card on the bullseye.  About there. 

"So, you achieved your goal.  What now?  Quit?"

Hell no.  Now I need new goals.  This, but faster.  This with double taps.  This, from 15 yards instead of 7.

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John in Philly said...

"OK, that's good enough and you can stop training." Said no firearms instructor ever.
As you said, after exceeding your goals, set new goals and try for them.