Sunday, December 31, 2017

I got a 9mm

I remember shooting various buddy's 9mm and thinking "wow, that seems gentle."

I'd shoot better with gentle, no?

Time passed.

I did a lot of training.  Broke myself down to get the fundamentals down pat.  Shot nothing but a .22 in a metal pistol when doing live fire.  Simulators have zero recoil so even easier than a .22 for gentleness.  For years!  Then, I get ready to ease back into centerfire.

Then I get a metal 9mm.  Heavy.  Put a light on it to make it heavier!

9mm doesn't feel gentle like I remember.  Try a plastic gun in sub compact.  Nope, this isn't what I remember back when I was more n00b.

You know what does feel gentle?  The .45.   Huh.

"Oh, that's because the .45 has a different trigger, T-bolt."

No, that ain't it.  They are both 1911 style triggers.  The 9mm is much much nicer, but the .45 is decent now.  Better than factory.

It's odd.

You know what never gives me magazine headaches?  The .45.  (Chip McCormicks...)

Gonna learn me the things I don't know.  Keep at it.  I'd love for 9mm to feel 'easy' like it did when I was stupid.  More stupid.

It's cool, learning all this stuff.  About things and about myself.  It's why I like doing this.  It can be weird, tho, when you get into the weeds. 


Glenn B said...

Very philosophical, I like it.

Daddy Hawk said...

My theory is that .45 feels Mysore gentle because it is a lower pressure round (somewhere in the 17,000 to 20,000 PSI range vs. 30,000+ for 9mm) and generates a different recoil impulse.

Daddy Hawk said...

More not mysore. What the hell spellcheck?