Monday, December 4, 2017

The Future

They keep saying "Robots are the Future" or "VR is the Future" or "Self Driving cars are the Future"


They've said that before.

They also said in the 1950s "Fusion power is the Future!  Limitless electricity too cheap to meter.  Just 5 - 10 years from today."

Yeah, yeah, I'll believe it when it comes.  Like jetpack and flying cars.

Sure, there have been great strides.  But I don't think the autonomous robots people picture in their head are even close to realizable yet.  And my car going to work and parking in my space while I napped the entire time in the driver seat?  Nice, but, nowhere near soon.

It's like Smart Guns.  The very concept makes it impossible.  Just unworkable.

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Jerry The Geek said...

Um .. yeah .. the "self Driving Cars" are working out real well, aren't they?

When they start advertising "Self-Driving Pistols, I'm going to hole up in my house and never come out.

Oh, they won't do that? They already don't trust pistols in the hands of people who have been using them for decades. But they still trust cars with no people at all behind them; will wonders never cease?

Trust me .. they will NOT do that with "Evil Guns"!